Old McGregor bought a farm,

Oh, what fruit he grew,

As the farm began to grow,

His family did too!

Malcolm bought the farm just between Lumsden and Pence. Just bare land, a dugout and a mailbox. It was a pathetic piece of land, filled with weeds, Canadian thistle and ground frogs. Yet Malcolm, has started to make it a hobby (farm?)

Malcolm’s main concern was his grape vines…That’s what he thought, but really if he could grow cherry trees, cherries would pay for the farm as he experimented with the vines. Wait there are fruit trees up for auction! At a ridiculously low price! We should get some, just to see. Did you hear they are growing Goji berries in the valley? We should get 10 plants, just to see.

In the second year, we have cherry trees, raspberry bushes, Goji berries, hops, strawberries, rhubarb, apple trees, pear trees and plum trees (hopefully garlic?) It’s all trial and error.

It’s come a long way from fencing, aerators in the dugout, self-sufficient water supply and family bonding…at first we thought Malcolm was crazy, but now we love our “Farm”

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