July 11, 2015


Small Prairie Farm is located between Pense and Lumsden. (WE DO NOT SELL TO THE PUBLIC)

Our location is at the end of a dead-end road. We are:  50°34’18.0″N 104°55’31.7″W. Make sure to turn at the curve in the road from 641.

Contact: m.rice@sasktel.net

Location: 50°34’18.0″N 104°55’31.7″W

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  • Hi There,

    Just a heads-up that I believe the word “carcus” is spelled wrong on your website. I had a couple of errors on my site before I started using a service to monitor for them. There are a few sites that do this but we like SpellingReport.com and ErrorSearch.com.


  • Hi there again.

    I just wanted to follow up on my previous email.

    Jeff “The Liquidator” Schwarz just landed a contract to auction out a whole Grain Handling Facility in 1502 17St. West, Saskatoon. This rare opportunity to acquire items for auction from an “entire grain handling facility” is generating quite a buzz in the farming industry, not only in Canada but even abroad. This is your chance! Everything must go!

    I have attached a few pictures for your reference. Feel free to contact Jeff directly (604) 779-8081. Here’s the link to the upcoming auction: https://www.icollector.com/auction.aspx?as=88896

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