Farm Fam Jam 2022

Farm Fam Jam had a great turnout this year!

Farm Fam Jam

Dave, Brenda, Megan, Paul and the boys (Joe and Sam), Bruce, and Mira were the first brave souls out on Friday night. Just in time for Jeff to roll up with his 7/11 on wheels. Lime Slushies, cold iced tea, and water with a mini-ice machine. It wouldn’t be Farm Fam Jam without all the bells and whistles.

Saturday more family and friends started to trickle in as the day wore on and so did the food.

Egg salad sandwiches and different sides for lunch.

Drew was on the BBQ serving hamburgers and hotdogs for supper. Uncle Paul cooked a juicy, tender, smoked brisket.

Food started to pile up on the table, coming from everyone! Chicken wings, mashed potatoes, potato salad, Quinoa salad, baked beans, vegetable plates, dips and so much more. It was the battle of the crisps (apple and rhubarb) and cake for dessert.

The jam session started only to be cut short by a heavy downfall of rain with strong winds. We all huddled in the Quonset for cover while Drew continued to BBQ.

The blue skies returned when the rain let up, and so did the band. After it got dark enough the guys set off fireworks, only to be challenged by fireworks miles away to the northeast.

The night petered out with people sitting around the fire.

The following day the adults had first breakfast at the crack of dawn, while the younger crowd woke up later (10:30 am) for second breakfast. The kids had fun playing in the parachute, kiddie pool, and with the Foosball table. Throughout the day people left with hugs and handshakes.


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