Farm Jam 2021- The Year After COVID


The year after COVID. We didn’t get many pictures. It’s like we wanted to see people with our eyes instead of through a camera lens for once!


Malcolm Rice, David Rice, Bruce Rice in the S.S Tippy, and Ryder (The only dramatic one this weekend).

It was a great FARM/ FAM Jam. WE HAD BABIES! You know we are close to the end of the COVID epidemic when babies can leave the house!

Adam & Jenna had their little one out along with Raje and Mike. Aunties and grand aunties we’re loving it!

The Boiler Room Boys & friends hosted by Malcolm Rice plays the main stage.

Drew cooked up a storm again.  There was of course so much food and so many aunties to make sure you ate that food. Lots of people left with leftovers (goodie bags of food) or eggs.

It was a good group of people (Claudia and Bernie didn’t get that camper they were going to look at in the morning. the table bed was too small)

Most of the 35- 45-year-olds made it out of bed by 9 am. Their parents were still disgusted with them for sleeping in. Breakfast was already over.

Tents were set up and taken down. Every time it was funny and a family event.

What do you call 12 Rice’s setting up a tent?

Friday night entertainment. TAKING IT DOWN SUNDAY…EVEN FUNNIER. (Someone send the video please).

The pigs made their debut by being the smelliest of the evening.

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