Malcolm’s Books

Bet you didn’t know Malcolm writes books!

Four books to be exact. Robinson Street Concern Committee, The Wreck of the Penny, My Turn To Be King, and American Shadow. Click on them to read more.

The Robinson Street Concern Committee

This is the tale of nosey neighbors. Prejudice and misunderstandings confuse the residents of small crimes in their suburb. It can happen anywhere and generally does.

The Wreck of the Penny

One man stranded on an island with two women. Everyman’s dream becomes his nightmare. How two survivors become rescued weeks before the third, comes to light in a Vancouver courtroom.

My Turn To Be King

A prairie boy learns to come out of the shadow of his legendary father. The small town learns that he is his own man after he faces a series of challenges.

American Shadow

A Vietnam war story. Trying to save an important officer from a fragging turns out to be a tricky proposition. The needs and wants of the higher staff echelon differ from those of the grunts on the ground.

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