Cousin Weekend 2018

Cousins Weekend Was Filled Sunshine, Drama and Food!

We camped out at Uncle Malcolm’s for the cousins long weekend! Mathew and Emmy joined us from the East coast, along with Terra and the girls(this includes Andrew). The invitation was also extended to our parents this year! Everyone packed up their tents, campers, games, footballs, baseballs, kites, pets, food, booze, kids, sunscreen, swimming trunks, and brought their partners????! Tania set up a Scavenger Hunt! There were water balloons and water gun fights. We picked berries, roasted marshmallows and more.

Not one child went without a dirty face at least once during the weekend. Jennifer got an early morning (afternoon) wake up to Oh Canada and Andrew took the kids on quad rides. People took part in signing on stage at night.

And don’t forget about the farm Jam

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